Planetary Mind

Every building presumes an architect – buildings do not just happen. They require intelligence and planning. The Universe is much more than a building – it moves. it is literally an organic construction, constantly growing and on the move. Any human structure is radically puny compared to the intricacy and immensity of the Universe. I side with Arnie Wyler, a Royal Swedish Academy professor in astrophysics who calls God “the Planetary Mind” and writes that “my rational scientific mind stands in awe in front of the intellectual beauty of the Creation and the Creator.” I side with physicist Erich Jantsch, who says, “God is the mind of the Universe, ” and with Albert Einstein, who says, “There is no true science which does not emanate from the mysterious. Every thinking person must be filled with wonder and awe just by looking up at the stars…We need a cosmic religion…We must create a cosmic man, a man ruled by his conscience.”

Matthew Fox (Doctor of Spiritual Theology, summa cum laude, Institut Catholique de Paris)


William Hermanns, 1983, Einstein and the Poet, In Search of the Cosmic Man.

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